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  • Brittany Alford

    PEACE BLESSINS, peace and blessins. gonna go meet peter at the perk. got on my exercise clothes...gonna tell him i been doin pilates, know to make me sound more white.

  • Elizabeth Walker Hertweck

    Omg this makes me laugh everytime i watch it!!! Ain't gon happen! Peter in the Park! I got my breastesses all pushed up so I can try to distract him. I got my hair did with some koolaid so I look a little less ghetto. I gotta get my little lip balm on my crusty crust.

  • Justyna Melnyk

    Its traaacci. Going to meet Peter at the park. Need my lil lip balm, for mah crustyy crusts. love glozell :)

  • Beth Cox

    PEACE & BLESSINS, wiff her kool aid herr!

  • Neely Baugh

    The first Glozell video I ever saw...still so funny.

  • Madison Ricketts

    Meeting Peter at the Park funniest thing ive ever watched

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