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paint the base color, and then cover up your fingers, and splatter other nail polishes all over. Remove the cover.

Long nails pic | Woman Hair and Beauty pics

tips & tricks Lay out newspaper to work over. Put out more than you think you need....the polish is going to splatter everywhere! Experiment with how high or low you hold the straw over your nail to get different effects. When you dip the straw, try to get polish all across the opening of the straw, not just a ring of polish. It will splatter better. If you're using a bendy straw, cut the bendy bit off. Make your blows short and sharp. One quick little puff will splatter it better.

So fierce! Definitely need to recreate this one!

Splatter nails ...I think you do this by blowing air through a coffee stirrer or cocktail straw.

So easy to do with a cool design! LOVEE cool and easy Splatter nails Tutorial

get ready for spring with this awesome splatter manicure // click pin to learn how!