Makkuro kurosuke. Soooooo cute

Charging! ... in the cutest way possible ^__^

Spirited Away, Miyazaki

Just in games

Miyazaki companions!

The Studio Ghibli outline, in white or black, on my foot.

Pokemon wearing evolution costumes…

Soot ball Soot sprite Coal Studio Ghibli Totoro Spirited Away Howls Castle Gift in Toys & Games | eBay

I love the starters from every generation!

Sprites poster, Spirited Away - Art Print, instant download, Watercolor Print by digitalaquamarine on Etsy

Squishy Spirited Away by on @deviantART - Oh my gosh, Haku looks SO CUTE!

Gold? Take it! Studio ghibli

Howl's Moving Castle

Spirited away

Spirited Away

by Fabio Castro Soto

Studio ghibli, for the love of soot im getting a tattoo of these little guys

Spirited Away