Succulent Container Garden

Use pinecones at the bottom of container ~ makes it much lighter and will draining better ~ Planting A Succulent Garden

by Debra Lee Baldwin

ECHEVERIA variety mix @@ rare plant exotic succulent seed flowering pot 20 seeds $4.95

Colorful succulent container!

flower pots and basket ideas :)

Agave surrounded by Echeveria - a good way to bring the small plants within view, and to cover the bare dirt around the agave.

Echeveria x imbricata

'Floral-Style' Succulent Container Arrangements

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Container Gardening

An interesting way to add depth and character to a container garden! via World in Green

Succulent #Garden #Container..

anything can be a

Container gardening hair? LOL

Stunning container full of succulents, herbs and other very pretty!!

succulents in old tin container

succulents in lovely containers

succulent containers

Great use for a broken pot!

Great Container Gardens