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now the question is which of my friends will I try this on first? absolutely genius.

Sorry for the language!! This was too funny not to pin!! Well, he got his BUTT OF the sofa!😜

Sniper vs Sniper BTW...for the best game cheats, tips, check out:

Bahahaha I saw this on tv when they interviewed him.. He's hilarious and correct lol

Once upon a time there was Fox and Rabbit…

Lolol That moment you unintentionally reveal more about yourself than you wanted to.

We all know what the fox says. Thank you Robin Hood for clearing that up.

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I laughed pretty hard the first time I saw this

What does the fox say. Best video ever, I almost died when my teacher showed it in class... xD more funny things find there:

The White Death. Whether it's a true story or not, it is inspiration. Stories come from everywhere. Draw from your surroundings.