Strength Workout

The 25 Minute Workout // 21 Moves in 25 Minutes // No equipment needed, no excuses allowed! Download the workout moves to your phone and pin on Pinterest for easy access anywhere! File under: dorm room workout, hotel room workout, travel workout, do anywhere workout, no equipment workout, totally kickbutt workout!


the drop 10 workout

A Calorie-Burning Workout For People Who Hate to Run. Get your cardio exercise with shuffles, squats and lunges!

Improve your core body strength and tone up those abs with this great easy to follow 30 day plank workout challenge!

total body workout..2x thru=30 min..done!

Challenge Workout

I hate burpees but there so good for you

15 minute Total Body Workout – 15/1 Cardio and Strength

mini workout

Jumping Jack Challenge


50 to 50 cardio & strength workout