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Scandinavian Landscapes by Peter Boel, via Behance

Scandinavian Landscapes 8000 km in Northern Europe

Scandinavian Landscapes - The result of a 6 week road trip up through Norway, flying to Svalbard & returning through Finland & Sweden.

Scandinavia, not only home to beautiful landscapes but beautiful people... I love you Papabear ♥

Mykineshólmur Lighthouse by Felix van de Gein, via Flickr (Faeroe Islands)

Scandinavian Landscapes by Peter Boel, via Behance

54 Mind Blowing Photos that Show the Beauty of Scandinavian Landscapes

Norwegian landscape by Photos ludiques, via Flickr

Longyearbyen at the end of the Isfjorden estuary in central Svalbard. Svalbard is a huge collection of islands in the High Arctic under the guardianship of Norway.

Norway- you see a lot of red paint because we were told it was the least expensive to use