Aula - Royal

What It Takes to Be a Star - Episode 1 – Teen Vogue's Strictly Ballet - YouTube

Ballet Class For Beginners

Paris Opera Ballet Students ballet class in a round room

▶ Inside the Bolshoi Ballet's daily class

Baryshnikov in class at New York City Ballet (2003).

pacific northwest ballet ~ amazing video of technique ~ PNB's Company Class-Jumping

Waltz of the Snowflakes Royal Ballet. This dance is beautiful but still exhausts me just thinking about how tiring it was

So the next time you see a ballerina float across the stage like a fairy princess... ~ You Should Know Ballerinas Are More Hardcore Than You

Possible costume for a nutcracker inspired dance.

Teal tutus from Esmeralda Ballet to go with the ballet mirrors in our new studio space


Back Stretching for Ballet Dancers : Ballet Lessons - YouTube

The Best Exercise for your Standing Leg Turnout! With Lisa Howell and The Ballet Blog - YouTube

Bleeding Love - Hip-Hop..shoulda kept dancing! love this

royal ballet daily class

Stretches for Splits -increasing flexibility for [ballet] dancers (intermediate) - YouTube

"Ballerina" Ballet Tunic