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Appaloosas: such beautifully imperfect animals

An Appaloosa may look weird because of the spots but it is an amazing, beautiful animal.:)

Equine Colors- Appy Patterns by ~Kholran on deviantART

This is one of the most beautiful foals I have ever seen. I NEED this horse in my life.

spotted horse breeds | This spotted horse is a breed known as an Appaloosa. Obviously, horses ...

Riding handyman in the summers at grandpas

i once worked on an appaloosa ranch. there were over 100 appaloosa'a and i knew each and every ones name. i miss them all.

Appaloosa horse This breed stands approximately 14.2 to 16 hands high and weighs 1,000 to 1,100 pounds (455 to 500 kg). Appaloosas can be blanket (white on hips and/or loins), frost (dark body with small light speckles), leopard (dark spots on white body), marble (light coat with small dark speckles), or snowflake (dark body with light spots or speckles).

Appaloosas can be found at gaming events, horse shows and on the trail. With coat patterns, countless numbers of color and pattern combinations exist. Appaloosa Horses - via

beautiful horse. Ah, those spots are so beautiful. Want. RD