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  • Peggy Humphreys

    SO funny (and so true!)

  • Melissa Hall

    So true. Working out can be a bit like masochism at times. I feel like this often. ;)

  • Corinne Co.

    by Jillgreenberg

  • Mansha Bedi

    Crying Kids By Jill Greenberg (5)

  • Rashedah Kaveh-Agangari

    It hard to know how to respond to this article: Back in 1742 Susanna Wesley (mother of Charles and John Wesley who started the Wesley Mission) said about how to parent young children: "Make him do as he is bid, if you whip him ten times running to effect it.... Break his will now, and his soul will live, and he will probably bless you to all eternity". You think that this opinion on parent-centred abusive parenting would have died out by now, under the press of all the clear long term neuro-developmental advantages of attachment (responsive) parenting. Alas no. Read on and weep. I believe the doctor calls himself a 'baby-whisperer' but in this method he doesn't whisper to anyone. It is a method of pure abandonment. You would barely know it from this article, but it can be effective to silence babies at night. The reason it 'works' is that evolution has developed within humans a mechanism that, if the baby feels (s)he is abandoned, crying ceases to protect the baby from attracting predators. It's called 'extinction'. Stress remains high (hence it can induce vomiting) but the baby falls silent. This, unfortunately, is precisely at a time when the baby is developing his long-term brain wiring about whether he is loved, valued and safe. So if the baby is sensitive or not particularly resilient it has the potential to cause long term harm. It also tells parents not to trust their instincts about caring for their little ones - because NOBODY would do this to their baby or child unless they had been put up to it by a person they consider professional and knowledgeable, or who had been subjected to a…

  • Erin Fuss

    @Libby Massari @Brianna Greenwood .... i feel like this is my life. sad but true.

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