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Photography Cheat Sheet--I need to learn to use my camera better!

Jane Austen quote

idea for a frame in my apartment?

lotus buddha

Charles bukowski

Motivational Posters - quotes - sayings - wall decor - inspiration - take a chance - :)

MANOS Someone had this tagged as crib art and actually, I love the idea, it takes a village to raise a child. This would be a cool pic with all your friends/family or anybody who helped you tremendously through your pregnancy or raising your child.

Go after the things you want

So True.. Looking forward to better things.

don't take these moments for granted

Lol so true!

typewriterblues: Variation On The Word Sleep by Margaret Atwood

It's a good thing! :)


mother and daughter...do this every year & see how we change!

look again.

french fry

for office?