Gemstone Photography Series - like a stained glass window of a sunset over the ocean / Opal Geode from Ethiopia / Gems / Rocks / Minerals

Koroit Crystal Opal Nut [ one half ] #GemstoneSerendipity #gemstones #minerals #rocks


Druzy....It seems so other worldly to me..... It's like a dragon egg


Amethyst geode in its parent

aquamarine, cleavelandite, muscovite

Dioptase on Duftite and Calcite

Fire Opal

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An over 500ct welo rough Opal


Rare Large Crystal Opal Mintabie, South Australia, Australia The opal deposits of Mintabie have long been depleted with no new production emerging. The present example was set aside many years ago by the miner who could not bear to part with it earlier. Simply contour polished to reveal its beauty, a vibrant electric green and blue pinpoint play-of-color are seen to dance across the surface. Such a notable piece would, no doubt, create a fine pendant.


Opalized Wood Boulder Opal

“The Stone of Happiness” Euclase is a rare stone that stimulates spiritual energy and amplifies the energies of the mind. It connects one’s heart with their intuition and embraces happiness and influences serendipity.

Jeremejavite- an excellent healing crystal; will help to eradicate disorganized cellular growth in the body; aids those who have had a loved one pass over... as it may help to lessen the grief felt at this time; will help anyone who feels either superior or inferior to others, allowing you to know that you are perfect just how you are, and that you're in the right place for your personal well-being.

Variscite: the stone of encouragement by manifesting courage and hope; very useful in past life exploration; also aids in clear thinking and energy restoration |

Yowah Nut Australian Opal with crystal opal centre

I love this elongating druzy ring! The big, chunky, white stone ring is cool, too.