"You drunk my battle ship"

goodbye regular ol' drinking games...hello battleSHOTS!!! this. is. awesome.

haha winning!

Drunk gummy bears! :) Adults only. Soak a bag of gummy bears in vodka for 3 to 5 days in the fridge. The Gummy Bears will soak it all up! Serve at a party for a bit of fun and something different! :)

11 Simple Drinking Games You Need To Play Right Now. They are very very funny.

Shot Roulette Party Drinking Game

Flip, sip, or strip. I'd probably just go with the drinking option for the whole game. Have a preset amount of rounds.

bachelorette party drinking game

You drunk my battleship! Battleshots... new board in progress

Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots

Drinking games!

drinking games In alphabetical order

True American drinking game

Archer Drinking Game http://roflburger.com

Mario Party drinking game @Mandy Bryant Bachler @Allison j.d.m Bachler can we do this ASAP??!?

Yummy yummy drunk gummies!

Family Guy drinking game

Glow in the dark drinks