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Alcoholic gummy bears.

I've tried to make alcoholic gummy bears before, and I've always failed. It was probably because I didn't give the gummy bears enough time to soak in the liquor.

Lemon Drop Cocktail Rim Sugar

Lemon Drop Cocktail Rim Sugar

Our latest flavored cocktail rim sugar: lemon drop rimming sugar, for that sour-sweet bite by Dell Cove Spice Co. (Photo by Selena Vallejo Photography.) This just looks amazing

Drunken gummy bears

this might just happen July infused gummy bears! Place gummie bears in a bowl and add cherry (or other desired flavor) vodka until just covering the gummie bears; and allow them to swim hours!

REVEL: Glitter Champagne Jello Shots.....for bridal shower or bachlorette party. Cool!

Glitter Champagne Jello (Jelly) Shots

Need bachelorette party ideas? Glitter Champagne Jello Shots for bridal shower or bachlorette party

Layered Non-alcholic Drinks by AgnesWeber

layered nonalcoholic red, white, and blue fourth of july drink - sobe pina colada, gatorade fruit punch, and blueberry-pomegranate. the different sugar content will create the layers.

8 Amazing Detox Water Recipes To Flush Out Toxins

8 Amazing Detox Water Recipes To Flush Out Toxins. Discover how you can easily make these detox water recipes that will surely flush toxins from your body, cleanse your liver, aid weight loss and boost health! // I should probably cleanse my poor liver.

Red Bull Jello Shots

Then pop a few of these Jell-O shots.

well I dont want the whole redbull n vodka -- I DO LOVE the idea of yummy cherries stickin outta the top of some jello figgler! (Gojee - Vodka Red Bull Jello Shots Recipe by Food Republic)

Jamaican smiles (the frozen drink

Reminds me of felix XD Bob Marley Frozen Drink.light rum blue curacao orange curacao strawberry daiquiri mix fresh mango sweet and sour mix lime juice ice

You can't have a halloween party without some awesome drinks! Carmel Apple Shots anyone?.

Candy Apple Jell-O Shots Top it off with some caramel ice cream topping Basic Apple Cider Jell-O 1 envelope Knox unflavored gelatin cup water 1 cup hard apple cider, divided in half cup Apple Pucker or other sour apple schnapps

Dragonfruit Jell-O Shots are pretty + delicious.

Dragon Flower jello shots featured on a website dedicated strictly to jello shot recipes. "In order to form a more perfect union of gelatin and alcohol".