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  • Neatologie

    Awesome life hacks everyone should try #DIY #ideas #tips #tricks

  • Lucy Palms

    reset ink cartridge - interesting, if it works.... would help when you just need to print in black and you are out of a color cartridge

  • Nicci Payne

    Don't know how true this one is but it's worth a try..... life hacks dumpaday 8 20 Most Important Lifehacks to Make Your Life Easier! Some of them are so useful! useful things I love must see lifehacks cool

  • Jasmaine Grayson

    random life hacks part2 12 Funny: Random life hacks {Part 2}

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fill balloon w/ water, drop a light stick in it, put it all in a white stocking and hang from tree branches, ceilings. found at Yanko design

fix skinny jeans (or any jeans) that are too big. a good thing to know if you lose weight but don't want to splurge on tons of new jeans!

Learn how to clean your dryer duct, prevent house fires and save $$$.

Need to remember this ... so many clothes I thought were ruined... Chalk will remove grease stains from clothes. Simply rub the stain with chalk, then toss in the wash as normal.

CableStrip Desk Cable Organizer

Moss graffiti

How to make a solar battery charger from a playing card

72 ways to cut your spending by hundreds a month and save thousands a year...Pin now, read later, cause this list is FULL of great ideas!!

DIY cap toe shoes

cutting glass is so much easier than I thought

Clean out an old lotion bottle and hide your phone, money, and keys in it for your beach bag. GENIUS! ...also hilariously the first thing I noticed about this pic....they are keeping their pesos safe :)

Glue a rock to the top of a empty pill bottle, bury the bottle so that only the rock shows. A spare key is hidden inside! so clever!

SO USING THIS! :) Ink Cartridge Low? Not true... this totally works, my printer stopped printing, saying there was no ink, I reset the cartridge and then printed 50 more documents and the ink still hasn't run out!!! good.

recycled soda bottle sprinkler