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    Awesome bathroom tips and tricks that help make cleaning faster and easier. Genius!

    Most children can learn sign language before learning to speak so teaching them some signs can help your child develop their language skills more thoroughly.

    Job, Chores for magnets for Chore chart

    Why I Never Tell My Child "Good Job": The Case of Praise Vs Encouragement - SmartMom

    How to Teach to Your Child's Talent. Make the most of your child's strengths!

    UPDATED: Rules, Points System, and Chore Charts for Children The only problem I have with this is the do not ask adults why.... If the child is not sure, then they should ask why and as an adult we can help them find the answer. Yes, children can ask why unnecessarily, but that's where you help them identify good questions.

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    Motivating Kids With a Homemade Reward Store ~ Templates & Ideas Included! Great incentive for behavior, chores, and school!

    This "Work for Hire" idea seems easy and a great way to help kids earn a little money! (plus get some house cleaning in)

    Three-Ingredient DIY (non-toxic) Hand Sanitizer with Thieves Essential Oil

    Free tutorial! | DIY School Day Outfit Organizer | Stay organized for back to school! :)

    Tips for making mornings with kids run smoother.

    how to talk to kids responding to kid confessions

    Why discipline is different from punishment -

    honesty An Object Lesson for kids on Honesty

    Lesson 9 In truth, you can't teach children to behave better by making them feel worse. So, be a part of the ‘Construction Team’ rather than the ‘Wrecking Crew’—especially at home with those most dear to you! Lead with love, kindness, and by example, building them up rather than tearing them down. Remember that we are always teaching our kids and they become what we are—so be a positive role model for them (in both word and deed)! PASS IT ON.

    For neighborhood kids during homework and chore time. Very cool

    First Day of School Chalkboard Printables - Yellow Bliss Road

    If Time-Out isn't working to discipline your child -- try a TIME-IN! Great parenting tip!

    Homemade Toothpaste | @VeggieConverter kidfriendly

    Great idea for multiple kids sharing the bathroom. Keep the counter clutter under control.

    An especially important reminder.

    7 Simple Tips To Correct Bad Habits In Your Children

    Awesome Free E-Book.