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Graphics from the Primary Manual for the Plan of Salvation

Plan of Salvation Printables by Lori, just talked about getting something like this for our missionaries...

The Wordless Book is a tool to help Christians tell others about God's plan of salvation through colors. It's great for children! This Squidoo lens is a pretty comprehensive resource for ideas and supplies for the Wordless Book and related activities (Gospel colors bracelets, "Gospel Fuzzies" puppets, et cetera). #kidmin #salvation

Plan of Salvation Printables (to print and send to Elder Hale)

Cans needed Film canister or pill bottle tomato sauce reg. soup large pork & bean big chicken broth File sharp points on cans. Cut paper to size & glue to cans. We made bracelets in Africa & used these colors: Black-sin Red-Christ's blood Blue-baptism White-cleansed heart Green-grow in Christ Gold-heaven Explanation and verses for colors (needs rewording):

YW February "The Plan of Salvation" Come, Follow Me. "Why should I treat my body like a temple?" www.latter-dayvil...

Visual Bible Verses for Kids. A tool that would help plant seeds in our children as we watch them grow into a child of God.

Cute Plan of Salvation board game with printable cards and images