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Agnes Richter, a patient in a mental asylum in austria in the 1890's, spent her days embroidering text on to the jacket of her hospital uniform in attempts to record her life story.

Agnes Richter, a mental patient in Austrian asylum, embroidered her jacket with text. Through the script she transcribed herself into time, space and place. Her writing orients and disorients. Made in 1895, it is a standard issue uniform given to mental patients at the time. Richter has embroidered so intensively that reading impossible in certain areas of the garment. Words appear and disappear into seams and under layers of thread. There is no beginning or end, just...

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Marimekko Fabric Cozy Supersoft Blanket Extroirdinare

Marimekko geometric print (made into a blanket)

from American Expedition

Gray Wolf Wrapped Canvas Art

This stunning canvas print features a gray wolf standing on a rocky perch. The wolf's powerful gaze is captured perfectly in this print. Comes ready to hang and is the perfect way liven up a wall in y

Odds: A brilliant daily blog about life in the past in the East End of London. Fabulous photos and vignettes.

19th Century Cross Dressing - I think it's very interesting, and makes a lovely family portrait. I had never heard about this until coming across this Pin.

Mental patient Katharina Detzel, who built her own man out of the straw in her bed. [1910]