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    Accidental Drowning or Foul Play? - This case was developed for use in the first semester of a sophomore organic chemistry laboratory to illustrate how a combination of techniques is usually required in the identification of chemical compounds. It involves a murder mystery with a forensic twist. Students are told that two bodies have recently been recovered from two different lakes. Due to a mix-up at the morgue, the coroner's office is unable to determine which body came from which lake.

    Manslaughter conviction for 'negligent breastfeeding' puts other mums at risk | Steven Karch

    A new computer forensic resource, F-Interviews ( is open. On this site you can read and discuss interviews with key persons in computer forensics field, such as renowned experts, scientists, company executives, software/hardware resellers. All interviews are taken by Yuri Gubanov, computer forensics expert and owner of forensic software company, Belkasoft. One new interview every week - subscribe to get notifications!

    New forensic technique for estimating time of death by checking internal clock of the human brain - depressed people live in parallel time zone, scientists find.

    New scientist Crime-scene DNA extracted from single hair

    Anatomical wax model by Joseph Towne in The Gordon Museum of Pathology

    Bizarre sequence of events!

    What forensics can say about Syria chemical attack - health - 23 August 2013 - New Scientist

    ▶ Rabbit decomposition time-lapse

    Human fingerprint. The smaller circles within the epidermal ridges are sweat gland ducts. SEM X35 | Richard Kessel photo, visuals unlimited

    Would LOVE to find a way to get involved in Forensic Photography for a local police station

    Infographic: What DNA profiles are used for (info courtesy of the DNA Project's website)

    Recover Data Like a Forensics Expert Using an Ubuntu Live CD

    Create a DNA Fingerprint - Interactive

    A DNA study carried out on the bones and teeth of Scythian skeletons found in the Altai mountains of Mongolia is revealing the genetic blending between European and Asian people. Starting in the 7th to 2nd centuries BCE – and the coming of the Scythian culture--the skeletons display a neat 50-50 blend of lineages. Bronze-Age skeletons, dating from the seventh to the 10th century BCE, showed no sign of mixed lineages: those from the western side of the mountains were European, eastern, Asian.

    Posters for Forensics

    Crash Scene Investigation is a science and math game for students in high school and early college to help the highway patrol recreate a deadly crash by examining the evidence, calculating the forces, and determining contributing factors to the accident. Students use pre-calculus, trigonometry and forensic science principles.

    CSI: THE EXPERIENCE — Web Adventures

    N-SQUAD — Explore Science - Alcohol- forensic investigation interactive game from Rice University

    CSI: THE EXPERIENCE — Web Adventures

    CSI: THE EXPERIENCE — Web Adventures Interactive