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The Forensic Science Behind Bruise Healing Process

Definitely going to share this...kids have no idea that forensics, like all science, takes TIME.

Forensic Science: Dactyloscopy

Crime Scene Science: There are many specialists that are needed in order to solve crimes. From forensic scientists to detectives and more, the modern technology we use to solve crimes is astounding. All of the details of the process come together to uncover details in a crime case.

Forensic evidence in criminal cases american lawyers infographic

Fingerprint patterns (OP)


How To Spot A Liar - Part 8 #liar #forensic #science

Not Guilty – DNA Evidence Serves Justice | ForensicScience.org

Fingerprint Science Project for Kids….Love this! Go cross curricular by pairing it with a mystery unit in reading! For Junior Detective badge.

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