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    cute Hanbok cookies

    Mmmm… chapssal donuts

    HAHAHA. I really hope my kids look more Asian than I do. Regardless, I will do this to them.

    Oh em geeee my kids are gonna be so Asian!

    New Year party!

    I'm a rat.

    spicy squid

    dukbokki... delish

    Lunar New Year!

    Korean BBQ- you haven't lived if you haven't been to one. :-)

    This is what happens when your kim chi goes bad- Korean Kimchi Stew

    I have a picture somewhere of me in one of these- baby Korean hanbok.

    Korean pancake- my grandpa makes the best with vegetables from his garden.

    Korean Tofu Soup- my mom makes this almost every day. Not an exaggeration.

    Kalbi ribs= the BEST. Mama Sun's trick- mash a kiwi into the marinade to make the meat more tender.

    Love me some cucumber kim chi!

    All the best side dishes

    I could eat this everyday. RAW- none of that California roll bullshit.

    Racist? Funny? You decide. : )

    Korean mink blankets are the greatest, you'll never find anything softer. They often come in bizarre colors and patterns, Mama Sun had a hideous orange one for 30+ years and I loved it growing up.

    Jeju Island... I'll go someday.

    My favorite dish- Bi Bim Bab: rice topped with a variety of vegetables and meat, mixed with Go Chu Jang hot sauce. Served in a hot stone bowl so it stays warm for hours.