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Neon + Neutral - I have empty grey canvases hanging in my living room right now... I need to work up the guts to paint them.

Decorar botellas con cuerdas / Bottles decoration

kraft paper bow on kraft paper. ...Can't decide between super cool and super cute.

kraft paper "poms" and garland... with glitter

Cute Gift Wrap! "Wrap your gift in craft paper, then cut a piece of lace to fit around the box, and fasten on with hot glue gun. Easy peasy! "

book covers from paper bags and fancy penmanship - neat way to lend uniformity to a bookshelf, so it doesn't look so messy (cluttered bookshelf = one of my pet peeves that drives my hubby nuts).

Kraft paper gift wrap (from Nicoletter). This makes me all kinds of happy.

kraft paper for wrapping gifts It’s the cheapest, best wrapping paper EVER! It’s recyclable, it matches everything, and you can use it plain or customize it for the occasion with paint markers (white and silver Sharpie paint markers are my favorites). Stars for Christmas, hearts for Valentine’s Day, balloons for birthdays… Really anything looks great drawn on kraft paper!