Sweet Little Girlies!

so sweet

so sweet

so sweet


such a sweet expression

love everything about this!!! love the lighting, backdrop, overall theme/look; Sister love! Cute lake photo idea!

newborn photo

Sweet sibling picture!

adorable. simple and sweet!

The Hose. Children. Summer. Water. Happy. Playful. Experience. Wonderful. Friendship. Family. Life. Love. Great Photo. Excitement. Black & White.

fun family shot

newborn photography

Love this pose.


Would be cute with older brother in nothing but jeans with his hands in his pockets kissing the baby like this

This sweet girl is the 3rd baby in a way-too-gorgeous family!  Ive been lucky enough to photograph each of these dolls at my favorite age, 6 months old.  S was so easy going and full of smiles, and as you can see, the camera adores her.  But, not as much as I did.  I wanted to take her home.

Fixing underexposed photos...

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