My Hero by My Love Lane: Great for a new Dad or for Fathers Day! #Card #Hero

Miss you Daddy.

4/6/2014.... He calls me to say.." If you need me just call and I will be right there!"....., my hero still after all these years...

Fathers Day

The strongest people are not those who show strenght in front of us but those who win battles we know nothing #Famous Quotes #Inspirational quotes #Quotes

Father's Day Card

FATHER - idea for father's day card

Father's Day ideas

DAD: A Son’s First Hero, A Daughter’s First Love. Happy Fathers Day!

When skies are gray...

This will be the first Fathers Day without my dad :-( Wish I could tell you Happy Fathers Day Dad. Love and miss you very much!!!

Father's Day gift!

This would be a great care package gift idea. It's a card with all the "u's" missing. From BesidetheWillowTree's Etsy shop.

Great for Fathers Day

Father's Day

Fathers Day

father's day gifts

Fathers Day gift idea

A father is a father, but a dad is something special

Father's Day