Fruit Tacos. Here's a recipe for homemade chocolate tortillas that you fill with fresh fruit

Fruit Pizza: 1 pkg sugar cookie dough, 1 pkg cream cheese, ½ t vanilla, 1/3 c sugar, fruit of your choice.

Taco Pie

Homemade strawberry lemonade

My mom made this for pinterest party! She added the fruit dip bowl to the fruit cone recipe she found!

Freeze yogurt in a waffle cone and top with fresh fruit for skinny dessert

caramel filled apples? yes, please.

Deep Dark Chocolate Cookies-No butter & Flourless. I'm repinning this AGAIN because I made them today, and they seriously might be the best thing I've ever baked. Like the best of both chocolate chip cookies and brownies. My teeth hurt already!

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Fruit Quesadilla

Homemade cinnamon almonds

chocolate filled strawberry cups!! OMG!!!!!

Best Fruit Dip Ever - just three simple ingredients that result in a super creamy, perfectly sweet fruit dip.

Dark Chocolate, salted caramel and shortbread...yum!

Summer's on my mind.

Fresh Fruit Pops - fruit puree, popsicle sticks, and mini plastic cups. Awesome summer treat!!! .will follow back.

Homemade Suckers! These are homemade fruit lollies.....otherwise known as healthy suckers......want the recipe???

Mediterranean Chicken Lettuce Wrap Tacos (Only 350 calories!)