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  • Merri-Jo Lucas

    Small Wind Guidebook/First, How Can I Make My Home More Energy Efficient | Open Energy Information

  • JMJ roams

    Know where your money is spent! Pie chart showing that space heating accounts for 45% of home energy use, water heating for 18%, wet cleaning for 3%, refrigeration for 4%, cooking for 4%, lighting for 6%, computers and electronics for 6%, space cooling for 9%, and other for 5%.

  • McAllister...The Service Company

    HVAC systems are the main sources of energy consumption in our homes and businesses, but there are many ways to save energy in all of the categories shown here.

  • Jags Short

    Tips for Saving Energy | read more about saving #home #energy here

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If you are from TN, you need to save more energy! And if you are from Maine, YOU ROCK!! You only use HALF the energy of an average American! From AmbitEnergy Smarts

Are you looking for ways to save money at home? Read this post for some great energy saving tips.

This infographic details the way we spend money in our homes, and what each part is costing us. It also shows many energy saving tips, some quick and and some more extensive.

This helpful infographic will help you save money and energy - what could be better?

Tips for Saving Energy at Home

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THE TIME IS NOW! SAVE $$ THIS SUMMER -- Here are eight easy, energy-conserving home repairs for under $20!

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50 #Energy #Saving Tips to Use Throughout the Year - Find out what you can do to saving money.