A must read for Mommies with little girls. "When the world wants girls to grow up too fast, how do you help your daughter navigate boy craziness, modesty, body image, media, and Internet safety? The foundation for an emotionally healthy teen girl is built between the ages of 8 and 12." @Amanda {An Organized Family} # Pin++ for Pinterest #

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How does a mother grow close with her daughter? How do you get to know her heart? Here are 21 thoughtful questions she really needs you to ask!

One Mom's experience with the birds and the bees and why it worked. ... I will need all the help I can get.

Raising Boys Series - Understanding your SON. 10 weeks - 10 heart felt topics. A must read for Moms of Boys from PowerfulMothering.com

Why Do Teenagers Rebel? A 19-year-old explains how it doesn't HAVE to happen!

The Sand Bucket List: 366 Things to Do With Your Kids Before They Grow Up by David Hoffman, http://www.amazon.com/dp/0762442611/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_rOfcqb01EZFNN

MUST PIN for both parents and/or teachers --- Life Skills - what kids should be able to do for themselves by age. Great list to reference. Lots of other great stuff on her site too!

35 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Girlfriends...great list. It makes me miss all my friends! @Joanne Hunter Schmitt @Jordan Bromley McKee @Julie Forrest Schnebbe @Becky Hui Chan Gearheart

They're simple. You and I do them every day - - but this after school checklist will helpfully remind my kids what needs to be done when they walk in the door from a long day at the "office".

25 Manners Every Kid Needs by Age 9

In today's world, kids don't seem to get a childhood. They are exposed to grownup problems and issues when they should still be holding on tight to their innocence. This post gives five practical ways to help our kids stay little in a "grow up fast" world!

As moms, we want to share our hearts with our children. Sometimes words fail us. Or, we talk and our children -- especially as they get older -- just don't seem to listen. I found tremendous success in this method of communication with my daughter. She started listening. And it made all the difference. Read this post to find out more!

Parents: Doing this one simple thing will help your children avoid drugs, obesity, alcohol, cigarettes, depression, inadequate grades, & teen pregnancies.

Raise Confident Girls

How would your life be different right now if you had learned how to win with money when you were young? Teaching our kids how to handle money is one of the most important things we will ever do, and for better or worse, our choices now will leave a legacy for years to come. If you want your kids to grow up financially savvy, don't miss these 7 smart things you need to teach them about money, starting today!

How does a mom look after her daughter's heart? A Dozen Ways....

book for any mother who has a daughter!

A Mighty Girl is the world’s largest collection of books and movies for parents, teachers, and others dedicated to raising smart, confident, and courageous girls.

Emotionally intelligent children not only recognize and manage their own feelings, they are also able to understand emotional states of others. Emotional intelligence is also important for healthy...

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