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  • Onie McGurk

    Humpback Whale feeding in Avila Beach, California (Pretty sure if I were kayaking, I'd be doing the cartoon-like speedboating on top of the water towards the beach!)

  • Robin Wrigley

    The proximity of the whales to the coast is somewhat rare. This photo was captured from the road with a 700-milimeter lens.Photo by Bill Bouton. Boaters, paddlers enjoy amazingly close humpback whale encounter.

  • A.J. Lilchick

    Humpback Whale Close Encounter Off California Coast Captured By Photographer (photos & video) kayak with whales moss landing, ca

  • America On The Road

    Whale Watching nella zona di San Louis de Obispo

  • Miss Pigments

    Humpback whale seen in South California beach

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Bill Bouton, a retired biology instructor, was having little success photographing birds along the California coast Saturday, but fortunately a small pod of humpback whales arrived to save the day. Bouton's incredible images, captured off San Luis Obispo, show the mammals lunge-feeding a mere stone's throw from shore--and much closer to boaters, kayakers, and paddlers.

Bill Bouton, retired biologist, captured these pics off San Luis Obispo, showing humpback whales lunge-feeding a mere stone's throw from shore.

Boaters, paddlers enjoy amazingly close humpback whale encounter at Avila Beach. Right in my own back yard!!!

Two years later, alien-like sea creature gains Internet stardom Rare creatures are deceivingly swift Among the more bizarre-looking visitors to California waters this summer are Mola molas, or ocean sunfish, which are being seen in unusually high numbers. But it's a stunning photograph of one of these gentle giants that appears to be getting the most attention. The image, captured off San Diego by Daniel Botelho, became an instant hit after being posted last week on his Facebook page.

humpback whale. amazing! Let us send you to Alaska and maybe you will see this!

wolverxne: Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae) Tail | (by: Stuart Westmorland)

Did you know You can tell the age of a whale by looking at the wax plug in its ear. This plug in the ear has a pattern of layers when cut lengthwise that scientists can count to estimate the age of the whale.

Humpback Whale, Sea of Cortez (Reminds me of the vision I had in the mid 90's - following the whale, when it breaches the water, we emerge out in space with the earth a blue marble below. Whale is the record keeper & facilitates emotional clarity.)

shows the reader a handful of easy-to-understand facts about the humpback whales. The design is clear and stays focused on a narrow topic. Very informative design.