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  • chowy

    Cleaning Tips: Remove water stain marks on wood furniture

  • IMSI/Design

    Bye Bye Water Stains | DIY for Home, Landscaping & Gardening | Interesting tip for removing water spots on wood furniture using mayonnaise. We're intrigued...!

  • CDalrymple Designs

    How to remove water rings from wood. I've got water stains on an antique inlaid table...wonder if this will be safe to do?

  • Katie Pagett

    How to get rid of water stain marks on furniture... almost makes me want to make a watermark just to see if this works

  • Michele Vetter

    I had a huge plate sized water mark on a table the other night. This remedy worked beautifully! ~Chell Ever make the mistake I made last week by leaving a water ring or spot on a piece of lovely *antique* or wood furniture? Here’s a trick I use to make the water stain boo boo go bye bye. The Mayo Trick: 1) Don’t panic 2) Apply a coat of mayonnaise to the stain, leave for at least four hours, preferably overnight. 3) Wipe away the next day, there should be no trace of the stain

  • Wendi McCombs

    put mayo on a water stain overnight. This isn't really a cute idea but something practical i could use.

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