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No More (Than 48) Wire Hangers! EVER!

What are wire hangers doing on this site when we told you: hangers can be made from 100% recycled paper, Sundela board (a material derived from recycled and compressed newspaper) and biodegradable corn-based plastic? Well, South Korea-based collective
  • Dawn Mills

    Have you ever found while looking through your closet a bunch of hangers that have no clothes on them? Normally, we throw them away and don’t think twice about it. 101 Design Studio had a better option for those extra hangers. They have created “48”. “48 is lighting design made from 48 metal hangers. The design comes in both a standing and hanging version. A truly unique way to re-use those once thought of as trash hangers by creating something very beautiful.

  • Emily Ledbetter

    Bedside lamps?? coat hangers pendant lamp Yanko Design 101 design studio

  • Sarai Stine

    Recycled & Refashioned: Wire Hanger Crafts & Ideas

  • Novi Indriani

    iron caged pendant light

  • Robbin Hovis

    Metal Clothes hangers to light shade

  • Natalia Caride

    South Korea-based collective 101 Design Studio has devised a clever way to recycle hangers into pretty slick-looking lights. Lamps are available in two versions the "48 Hanger" and "48 Stand". As the name suggests the lights use 48 discarded wire hangers to create a very modern shape an almost eye-wink reminiscent to the a traditional lampshade whitout the cover. Source: (picture)

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