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    I've done this too much... O.o

    How to write a thank you note…


    Animal photobombs

    Emo Llama

    Every time

    "my name is Dave, and I like to party." No dude, I just said that you cant say that!" ~hot rod movie


    Here’s To All The Dads.


    This describes my life


    This made me laugh harder than it should have.

    Haha his face


    33 Pictures That Should Be Left In The '90s - BuzzFeed Mobile


    This explains my life

    20 WTF engagement photos. What if you're on of these? I'm sure there is a person thinking hmm I'm going to have a nice laugh and then BAM it's their own horrible picture looking back at them.

    T-Rex Trying to landscape… #TRexTrying

    My life

    Really useful life hacks…

    23 Most Unfortunate Advertising Placements… HAHAHA IM CRYING