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Four items that represent you...cropped and up close drawing

*** drawing idea - Students were asked to select four items that were representative of themselves and draw a closely cropped view of each one on a square of paper.

have students pick 6 "pop culture" items that represent the last 10 years of their lives

Students draw 6 "pop culture" items that represent the last 10 years of their lives. Elementary or middle school art project.

I love this drawing prompt activity because it allows the student to relate to everyday experiences, as well as relating and inferencing from daily life experiences and skills. This is a great way I found my students to be able to connect everyday experiences with communication.

Great for fast finishers, centres or small group work, each card includes 4 thought provoking sentences to promote thinking outside of the box. Students are required to copy the sentence into their books and then draw something that answers the question.


I really like the idea of laying a small still life object on a gridded card. Still life drawing. Did something similar before with small still life objects on a gridded card.

I want to use Demetri Martin as inspiration for interactive art using line in my September classes.  (I love humor in art) Self Portrait of interests.

Artful Artsy Amy: How to End the School-Year in Peace and Harmony (or how to keep them engaged til the end!

9 Squares that represent you!  I do this and its a great middle school projects!

NINE SQUARES REPRESENTING YOURSELF! USE mixed media (a combination of drawing, painting, collage, printmaking etc.) to portray yourself and your interests in nine different variations.

Repetition with Variation.doc

Repetition w/Variation Series of 12 small drawings of an obj. Investigate the obj from diff sides, angles & distances. Consider options for establishing a grid.