DIY :: Easy dip-dye or ombre dying.

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Ombre Dip Dye T-shirt DIY easy!

Supplies:  White T S.E.I. Blue and Mint Tumble Tie Die Dyer Step-by-step:  1. First shake your dye vigorously 2. Spray the bottom few inches with the blue dye, leaving no white space, flip and do the same on the back side. 4. Next spray another couple inches upwards with the mint dye over lapping the blue. As you move farther up the shirt spray from farther away to create the ombre effect. Flip and spray on the back.  5.  Let the garment completely dye 6. Put in the dryer for 20 min to set ...

How to Ombre Dye Fabric: each time doubling the amount of dye you add and the amount of time you leave the fabric submerged. For more than three levels of ombre, you'll need to make more dye concentrate. Use a spring clamp and stool or ladder to hold fabric while dyeing if desired.

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tie dye bleached shorts .

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