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Money Foldable

Dollar Foldable

Parts of a dollar Foldable. Great idea!

Money Foldable

Dollar Foldable

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Money Chart

2Nd Grades

Math Ideas

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Make a dollar foldable.

Basketball Fractions

Basketball Game

Fractions Ordering

Comparing Fractions

Fractions Decimals Percents

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Biggest Fraction

Fraction Person

Fraction basketball, let them roll a dice to see how many times each person will "shoot" then record shots made as a fraction. Person with the biggest fraction wins.

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Learning To Count Money

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Teaching Blog Round Up: Race to a Dollar! {Counting Coins Freebie!}

Money Games 2Nd Grade

Teaching Money 2Nd Grade

Intro To Money

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Free Money Activities For Second Grade

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FREE! Thank you. Money I have, who has

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Factor and Multiple Flap Books - use to review factors and multiples. Place in math notebook if desired. $ Blog entry also lists online sites for exploring factors & multiples.

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use colored plastic wrap over clock to show fractions, quarter hours, etc.

Teaching Fractions

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Converting Fractions Into Decimals

Percent Fractions

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Decimals And Fractions

Comparing Fractions Activities

Fractions 2Nd Grade

Fraction Decimal Percent

This is really cool. I only teach 2nd grade and we don't really get into decimals, but I could always make a picture of the fraction on one of the bottle caps.

Subtraction Foldable

Addition Subtraction

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Lemons Subtraction

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Foldable Book for Subtraction

Fractions Foldables

Lemons Fractions

Equivalent Fractions Foldable

Fractions Cheat

Fraction Decimal Equivalents

Fractions And Division

Fractions Postit

Starting Fractions

Fractions Of A Group

Great fraction foldables and activities! I can use this when teaching my second grades how to partition rectangles...?

Pizza Fractions

Teaching Fractions

Lemons Fractions

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Math Pizza

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pizza fractions

Fun Coin

Math Coin

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Coin Critters... give kids a number... and they create critter to equal amount.

Multiplying Mixed Numbers

Teaching Mixed Numbers

School Fractions

Fractions Decimals Percents

Multiplying Whole Numbers And Fractions

5Th Grade Fractions Project

Fractions For Fifth Grade

Funky Fractions

Mathematics Fractions

M for multiply, A for add, and D for denominator. Then, using the example, walk students through each step: multiply the whole number by the denominator, add the numerator, and keep the denominator the same. When they forget, all you have to say is “Make it MAD!”

Students Place

Students Count

Kids Count

Coins Making

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Use a hundred chart to help students count coins. Have students place coins on the correct number. For instance, given 3 dimes and 1 nickel, students would place dimes on 10, 20, 30 and the nickel on 35. The last coin tells students how much money they have altogether.

Fraction Plates

Fraction Paper

Fraction Idea

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Awesome Fraction

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Making Fraction

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Fraction Pizza Activity

Great idea for teaching fractions!

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Great games/ideas to learn about MONEY from coin sorting, buried treasure hunt, grocery store & more! Ages: preschool - 2nd grade +. Money Counts Patch

Learning Money Activities

Math Money Games

Counting Coins Activities

Games With Money

Pig Activities For Kindergarten

Coin Value Activities

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Money Activity For Kids

Money Games

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Money, Money, Money!

Money Money

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Money Reference

Classroom Freebies Too: Money, Money, Money!

Impossible Fraction

Teachinginroom6 Blogspot

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Common Fractions

Master Fractions

Creating a foldable of the most common fractions the kids need to know how to convert to decimals and percents.

Future Classroom

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2Nd Grade Classrooms

Classroom Money

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Show me the MONEY! Money is always difficult to grasp as a first and second grader... so here are a few of the many things I have done to help make it as hands-on as possible!