Book Trailers... Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my trailer so read me, maybe!

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover…But What about the First Line?: A Teen Library Display | The Magpie Librarian: A Librarian's Guide to Modern Life and Etiquette

46 interesting ways to use QR codes in the classroom

Reading Graffiti Board...I love this! Put up black paper, provide silver sharpies and let students write one quote from a book. They'll be reading more critically to find that one perfect quote!

Library Displays

"If you liked...." book display

A blog post on how to create and use QR codes in just a few simple steps!! It's a lot easier than you would think!

Watch "book" trailers with QR codes!

If you are having classroom management problems, find out some of the things not to do, and what you can do instead. #teachers

Birds for the wall

Book Blurbs! Student-led book recommendations.

Library, bedroom, classroom ideas!

Essential middle school reads

bulletin board

Cute display

Beginning of the Year Read Aloud...So good! Teach your students that they don't have to be perfect!

Book for Estimation

New and Hot library bulletin board!

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Using QR codes in the library - great ideas!