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These protective stitches are called semamori, and shown here today is a semamori cho, or a practice album of decorative stitches that, when...

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“Three semamori cho or albums showing a variety of #semori or #semamori which are protective amulets stitched onto children's clothing. Late 19th century.”

stitch samples for semamori (ornamental stitches or appliqués sewn on the back of baby’s kimono in order to ward off the evil

Semamori Cho, a practice album for stitched amulets

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I LOVE the quilting!

Hand dyed shibori scarf

Cleveland Foreclosure Quilt, 2011. 20" x 60" Cotton, linen, recycled denim and embroidery thread. SOLD by kikiclark, via Flickr



yellow - gray quilt

Mirror with stumpwork.17th century English Satin worked with silk, chenille, purl, shells, wood, beads, mica, bird feathers, coral; detached buttonhole variations, long-and-short, satin, couching stitches, and knots