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  • Le Collectionist

    New York and Brooklyn Bridge under snow, by Barry Yanowitz. #lecollectionist #NewYork #BarryYanowitz #mythicalplace #escape #winter #snow

  • Bethany Eberly

    Brooklyn Bridge under Snow, New York. Visiting NY at Christmas Time!

  • Dragan Tapshanov

    Brooklyn Bridge, NYC - New York City surely is among the most popular cities in the world and there are countless reasons why is that so. But, if you walk on the streets of NYC during the winter days when everything is covered with snow, you get some wonderful feeling as you see it from a whole different and white dimension. Take a look at the most astonishing photos of NYC taken on a magical snowy day!

  • Noreen Young

    My fave place to walk...what a GREAT winter photograph! Brooklyn Bridge under Snow, New York. Photography by Barry Yanowitz.

  • Louise

    Snow on the bridge

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I'm so not ready for winter yet, but I have to admit, this is gorgeous.

New York in white. While this is an old photo, it still evokes the feeling of what NYC feels like in a snowstorm, even today.

Prewrite Directions: 1) Write the title of this setting in the collection section of a notebook (Suggested Title: Snow Day) 2) Imagine that you have been transported to this location. 3) LIST everything you SEE, HEAR, SMELL and TASTE while you are there. **Common Core State Standards: W3 and W5 (collect ideas/sensory details, plan/prewrite) Lesson link: (Photo source link below)