toy drums @Jamie Dorobek {C.R.A.F.T.} #kids #fun #music

DIY Jungle Drum -a fun addition to the crafts & music site!

homemade kaleidoscope... tutorial here: Ooh--I'm always slightly tempted to buy a kaleidescope (sp?), but I always find the ones in the stores to be kind of junky.

coffee can drum

Tin / Sweetbabies

How to Make Waldorf-Inspired Nature Building Blocks for Children: DIY Toy Tutorial

Crafty Journal - Milk Jug Toy Scoop via @CraftyJournal

5 Coolest Toys You Can Make Yoursef

How to make a drum

DIY Rocking Scooter

DIY Collapsible Cardboard Playhouse by sheknows #DIY #Kids #Toys #Playhouse #Cardboard #Upcycle

Playdough Filled Balloons by playcreateexplore as inspired by somewhatsimple: Soft, squishy, and moldable..a bit hard to put down actually. Moreover, the playdough will stay soft in the airtight balloon, so if you wanted to break it open at some point and play with the playdough, you could! # DIY #Kids #Playdough_Balloons

tire teeter totter, ♥ this! #kids #toys #outdoors

DIY Cardboard Stacking Toy for Kids

DIY Cardboard Car Wash, cardboard toy for kids

Coffee can drum craft! DIY Here's what u need... Aluminum coffee can with plastic lid 2 sheets yellow construction paper 1 sheet tan felt ½ sheet magenta felt Magenta yarn 1 rubber band Scissors Glue stick White craft glue 2 wooden dowels 2 small foam balls Blue yarn

Quick Craft for Kids -- DIY Toy Boats to race in the creek.

DIY gifts for kids

AMAZING idea - for all those times the kids say "I'm bored."