long lasting bubbles

Long lasting bubbles

COOLEST THING EVER!!! Cut open glow sticks & pour them into bubble solution. Glow in the dark bubbles. Summer nights here we come!

Winter bubbles! As long as the temperature is below 0C or 32F, the bubbles will freeze and shatter when they fall to the ground! Can't wait to try this!

Alien Bubbles - using dry ice and a funnel contraption in bubble solution. Very cool.

A bubble.

DIY bath paint! What you'll need (this was enough to make 4 containers): 1 cup baby bubble bath or body wash - as long as it is clear/white 4 tbsp cornstarch a few drops of food colouring small containers with lids

Bubble art. This is so cool, I have to try this this summer:)


Giant Bubbles recipe

Bubble wrap

Another Pinner says, "I took their photos, cut them out and glue onto white paper. Then photo copy onto transparency paper (Kinkos for less than a $1), then cut out image and roll it up so that it can fit into the top of a soap bottle. Make sure you have clear soap."

Lollipopz Soaps in every color and fragrance of the rainbow-YUM!

HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE BUBBLES INGREDIENTS 4 cups warm water 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup Dawn dish soap INSTRUCTIONS 1. Whisk the sugar into the ... fun kids crafts, kid ideas, #kids #diy kids diy ideas

Glow in the dark bubbles

Bubble Blower by bhoomplay #Bubble_Blower

Super Bubble Station - fun for the kids at a cookout or party

Just add water - and these MAGIC dinosaur eggs will fizz and bubble and hatch! A super fun sensory experience or add them to a bath because they double as fizzing bath bombs! From Fun at Home with Kids

Giant Bubble Recipe - you can make these too! The ingredients are *not* hard to find!

If you petrify a brush with dried paint, just soak it in Murphy's Oil for 24 to 48 hours and it dissolves all the paint and makes it like new. Must try