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  • Posh Peyton

    Sun Parakeet or Sun Conure (Aratinga solstitialis) is a medium-sized brightly colored parrot native to northeastern South America. The adult male and female are similar in appearance, with predominantly golden-yellow plumage and orange-flushed underparts and face. It is commonly kept in aviculture. The species is endangered, threatened by loss of habitat and trapping for the pet trade #orangeoday #orange #color #birds #animals

  • William Raley

    Tropical birds.

  • RootieKazoo


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A Pair of Parrots by Wes Thomas See them by the hundreds in Copan, Honduras. Unbelievable the trees look like they are on fire.

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The Red-fan Parrot (Deroptyus accipitrinus), also known as the Hawk-headed Parrot, is a parrot hailing from the Amazon Rainforest.

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