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    game of thrones cast.

    D’aw, double date! Sh-shut up — it could happen :’c Dany is like, “i feel ya babe, sex with older men is even better than fermented mare’s milk” And Sansa is like … what do I even say to that— And Jorah is like, why do we persist in seeing these two, neither of them ever bloody talk And Sandor is like … she glanced this way, I thought I saw, and when we touched she didn’t shudder at my paw~

    Now Jaqen Must Die by Leon9606.devianta...

    Gra o tron / Game of Thrones

    Read the boooooks!!!

    oh, Littlefinger.


    Alfie Allen, aka Theon, pours a pint.

    Game of Thrones Alternate Universe: Organized Crime Thriller

    Brienne & Loras in South Park

    Kit Harrington. I saw this and said "oooooh, aren't YOU pretty?"

    Joffrey likes puppets.......?

    Ser Loras (Finn Jones) after an awesome night. Apparently they party hard in Highgarden.

    Peter, wtf are you doing?!


    the old gods.

    they really are the best.

    im craven donuts - Sad Samwell

    Sandor Clegane by Heliotropa.devian... <-----THAT's ME, Annie Stuart, curator of this board!

    From Sansa's Myspace Page - Imgur

    GoT: The Mother of Dragon (collab) by betrayal-and-wisd...

    Jaime Lannister by dejan-delic.devia...