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  • Sarah Davis

    Evidence anchor chart --Could be used in reading to have students prove what they think about the story, characters, plot, etc. Could be used to explain how they know/solved a math problem, science problem, etc. Could also be used as a journal entry!

  • Suzanne Steele

    Show me the Evidence. Poster scaffold to help students identify the evidence of an answer.

  • Brenda McClinton

    Classroom: Reading. Sentence starters to get your students in the habit of using evidence from the text to support their conclusions.

  • Briana Taylor

    Sentence starters for showing evidence in reading response journals.

  • Alison Brannack

    evidence based terms for student binders

  • Yasir Roundtree

    Great resource for helping students to perform at the levels expected and articulated in the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts...

  • Sierra Podschun

    I need this poster in my classroom for my 8th grade reading class. It will greatly help them improve their writing skills~

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3-2-1 (I've been doing a version of this during GR....would be great to have this as a laminated version for students to use in their book boxes and/or at the GR table).

Reading Response Log - For homework! LOVE THIS. Students must choose three different sentence starters throughout the week (which utilize Bloom's) and also record how many minutes they are reading every night & total for the week. Begins w a "weekend" slot, which I might make into Extra Credit. Designed to be due Fridays.

Reading group or intervention game! A fun idea would be to roll the die and begin a made-up story, each person that rolls tells the next part. 1. Roll all first. Write down your numbers. 2. Begin the story in numerical order. It does not matter how many play, just so there are 2, even if one is teacher or babysitter. Lots of fun in store! MamaPat

D.E.A.R. Reading Response - Common Core. Includes poster, bookmarks, student response sheet, response writing stems, a sample response for fiction, and a sample response for nonfiction. Best for grades 3-6 $

I have the students do this weekly and created a scoring Guide for it! The thinking when reading that is taking place is awesome! The thinking stems hel kids and parents equally! Love it -l. Elliott

This packet of reading responses will help your students comprehend when reading fiction, non-fiction, or even when they listen to a book/cd digitally. Perfectly aligns to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

Great idea for lesson closures for students to reflect on their learning and it can be used for a reading strategy.

Reading Response Activities -- some good post-reading activities that are differentiated for different learning intelligences (per Gardner's theory) and different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy [The link is broken, but you can read the ideas by enlarging the image.]