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    We need to stop comparing ourselves to Kate Middleton. Read more for the article featured on Good Morning America!

    Meryl Streep, 1979

    Major Charity Adams Early, the first African American woman commissioned as an officer in the Women's Army Corps

    Hero mug shot, Rosa Parks Bravery in history Rosa Parks refused to give a seat to a white person

    Julianne Moore.

    Irena Sendler was a Polish Catholic social worker. During World War II, she was a member of the Polish Underground and the Żegota Polish anti-Holocaust resistance in Warsaw. She helped save 2,500 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto by providing them with false documents and sheltering them in individual and group children’s homes outside the ghetto. Despite being tortured and imprisoned, she continued to do all she could to help Jewish children in Warsaw. She survived and lived to old age.

    We have always known Mother Teresa as an old wrinkled woman. This is a pic of a beautiful 18 year old Mother Teresa.


    The remarkable Captain Flora Sandes – the only British woman to serve as a front-line soldier in WW1

    Gary Sinise's Band Donates All Earnings To The Wounded Warrior Project,

    MY HEROINE! I love her. During WWII Myrna Loy abandoned her acting career to focus on the war effort and worked closely with the Red Cross. She toured frequently to raise war fonds, and was so outspokenly against Adolf Hitler that her name appeared on his blacklist.

    Reporting the position of enemy aircraft to gun crews

    Hiuaz Kairovna Dospanova: the only female pilot & navigator from Kazakhstan to serve during WWII. From May 1942 she served as navigator & later became head of communication of the 46th Guards Night Bomber Regiment—referred to as the Night Witches. Dospanova made 300+ combat missions & was injured in 1943 while landing in blackout conditions. She survived the crash but fractured her legs. 3 months later, she returned to keep fighting, going all the way to Berlin for victory.

    This is Rose Valland, one of the heroes of Nazi-Occupied France. An employee of the Louvre, she kept records of the art stolen by Nazi officers—what was taken, from where, and by whom. She was instrumental in the postwar return of countless stolen pieces, and one of the most decorated women in French history.

    Holocaust survivor Henia Bryer: Now in her 80s, she fears younger generations lack knowledge of the Holocaust. "I had an operation once and the anaesthetist comes and looks at [the tattoo on] my arm and he says, 'What is this?' And I said, 'That's from Auschwitz.' And he said, 'Auschwitz, what was that?' And that was a young man, a qualified doctor," she says.

    She's a hero.


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    Vogue Dec. 1973, Jacqueline Bissett in her own blue jeans with georgette poet’s shirt by Geoffrey Beene, photo by Avedon.

    May 19, 1965 Patricia Roberts Harris became the first African American woman to serve as a United States Ambassador when she was appointed Ambassador to Luxembourg by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

    First Three African American Graduates, 1967 by Duke Yearlook, via Flickr