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    Cartoon: A job for IHOTFM-Man!

    Displaced Persons, May 1945 edition of Life Magazine. 9,000,000 displaced by the Nazis.


    chrisbattleart: Actual poster from the mid-50’s issued by Senator Joseph McCarthy at the height of the Red Scare and anti communist witch hunt in Washington.  All artists were suspect.

    Farmed & Dangerous? on GoFundMe - $59,596 raised by 1,837 people in 4 months.

    Believe it or not, lots of people don't know this and that's a BIG problem:

    Universal health care: Americans are grossly misinformed

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    Trent Franks abortion myth and the Nazis: No exception for pregnancy from rape in 20 week bill.

    20 Ways In Which Being Liberal Has Made My Life Better

    Dont Look Out The Window | Antemedius

    So, basically, we are borrowing from our kids to over pay a bunch of candy ass whiners who are typically lazier than a sloth. Makes perfect sense ...

    A boss orders while a leader organizes.

    Jackson Ripley, 12-Year-Old Coloradan Boy, Writes Letter To Romney Saying His 'Plan For America Isn't What We Need' (PHOTOS)

    Non-payers mostly from RED states

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    800,000 jobs ... Overseas

    US on the Auction Block

    Mr. Obama has groups set up for all sorts of people, not just African Americans.