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    Do your homework before you swallow the republican support of Hobby Lobby's lies regarding contraceptives. #HobbyLobby #notmybossbusiness

    According to republicans it's the elderly and the poor that are destroying America. I suggest that maybe it's mega-rich corporations that have bought the heart and soul of the Republican Party.

    Why are only EGGS sacred? How come the GOP does not legislate against vasectomies, sperm killing condoms, and recreational sex drugs for MEN? It is not "the sanctity of life." It is CONTROL OVER WOMEN. If women cannot control pregnancy, they will once again lose career and educational options, which will lead to loss of economic - and physical - freedom..

    The same people who didn't want government between you and your doctor are just fine with the idea of your boss and the bible being there.

    Get informed

    The next time a right-wing douchebag claims none of his beliefs are based on race, remember back to this picture.

    Republicans don't care about preventing abortions -- they just want to control and oppress women.

    Once and for all!

    Interesting thought

    Holly Fischer, Hobby Lobby supporter tells Fox her AR-15 and Bible photo is ‘America’s founding principles’

    Thanks to the Supreme Court, here we go down the slippery slope........



    New York A.G.: Never-Ending Sales At Hobby Lobby Stores Broke The Law – it's all about cheating us. Believe me, their complaints about funding employees' birth control is not about religious's about the $$$$

    Republican states refuse to expand Medicaid to the sick & poor.

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    Boycott Hobby Lobby

    . #prochoice #abortion

    .#prochoice #abortion