• NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon

    The Supreme Court will vote on whether for-profit employers can deny birth control coverage to their employees. Graphic by Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

  • C G

    ppaction: Birth control is basic health care for millions of women—and your access to basic health care shouldn’t be up to your boss.

  • Chris Swilling

    Are you still shopping at Hobby Lobby? ... think about it, once they can refuse Birth Control due to Religious Beliefs they can also push that they don't believe in Vaccinations Blood Transfusions!!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!

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The basic definition of feminism.

If You Don't Want To Do Your Job For Religious Reasons, Please Feel Free To RESIGN.


Jon Stewart nails it

In Germany and many other European countries, it's actually highly illegal to display or be in possession of any form of Nazi memorabilia, especially swastikas.



Gay marriage! ♥ this man

so true

There is validity to this. It is also far easier for males to follow a dress code. It's easy to cry do not cause your brother to stumble, but what about causing a sister to stumble on the dress code you dropped in her path and expect her to just get back up, dust off and carry it with her from then on.

Ahahahahahaha! THIS cracked me up! Miss Becca.... I thought of you. ♥


All violence is unacceptable.

Except that one time...... and that one other time...... Oh yeah, and that one other time....... And........

Hell yeah.