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  • Jen Hill

    Are you still shopping at Hobby Lobby? ... & think about it, once they can refuse Birth Control due to Religious Beliefs they can also push that they don't believe in Vaccinations & Blood Transfusions!!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!

  • NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon

    The Supreme Court will vote on whether for-profit employers can deny birth control coverage to their employees. Graphic by Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

  • Justin Gibson

    Birth control is basic health care for millions of women, & thanks to the Affordable Care Act, it's covered at no cost as part of all health insurance plans. But now, about 40 for-profit employers want to take that coverage away. Should employers get to make decisions about individuals' medical procedures/ treatments based on their personal beliefs. #NotMyBossBusiness #HobbyLobby #BirthControl #HandsOffMyBC

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I was just talking about this with my mother. We, sadly, live in a society that blames the victim. She let herself get too drunk. If she dresses like that she was "asking for it". It's her fault for walking alone at night in THAT neighborhood. It makes me sick as a person.

Tax the churches. I don't even want to know how much of my money has funded your business scam. WOW, I really like this one.

  • Lauren Hayes

    The churches wouldn't be able to afford a damn thing if they were taxed. Under no circumstances should our tax dollars go I religious institutions when America doesn't have a set religion.

  • Michael Osborne

    No churches of any religion has to pay taxes, so are you made at Muslims and Jews too or is it just Christian churches you have a problem with, and it does say it right in the post

  • Lauren Hayes

    In the post, it says "Non-Christian Taxpayers," not "the government." I have a problem with all religions, but this is specifically about Christianity because the Christians, more than any other religion, bitch like hell about birth control. Look up the owner of Hobby Lobby and read a bit about that case.

  • Melissa Bee

    Every time a new church is built, the local governments have to chip in for infrastructure and road development.

  • Melissa Bee

    Oh...and then there's the Federal money churches trick us out of for their indoctrination schools. So yeah, my taxes support churches whirl church money is held safely in it's folds for their social club purposes.

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because it leaves out the part where it's irrelevant to my bodily autonomy and right to decide what goes on in my uterus. When life begins is not a part of the argument. At all. My body is always mine.

  • Trixie

    Again, no born person is allowed to violate a woman's bodily autonomy - or even to violate a corpse's. There is no logical or valid reason to violate a woman's bodily autonomy in favor of a non-sentient, non-feeling fetus or to give a fetus rights no born person ever gets.

  • Trixie

    WTF does DNA have to do with anything? Who cares if they are separate? I do not owe a fetal blob the use of my organs any more than I'd owe a relative one of my kidneys if they needed one.

  • Trixie

    LOL, you are so absurd, grasping at straws to try to prop up your untenable position. The science is not on your side and you don't get a say over my body, ever. Deal with it. We've heard it all before. You will change no minds. Good night.

  • The Blasphemous Homemaker

    Lmao. What a load of bullshit all that was.

  • The Blasphemous Homemaker

    Kylie is now blocked.

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Apparently, gawd thinks sperm can think. Hahahahahahaha

And true information is getting very hard to find. Be REALLY informed. Be intelligent think, analyse, try to UNDERSTAND everything. Question, think and don't 'eat' fast food 'information' that is almost always engineered prosessed artfully crafted lies these people have specialists in lies. Lies targeted to every audience they are very smart, and you have to outsmart them. The Bible tells us a useful shortcut: you will know them by their fruit.

Not a requirement. Not to be forced on those who do not pray or wish to pray. That's why it's known as a freedom.

Good question! And my answer will always be no doubt, because that makes that baby no less human.

  • Stefanie

    I don't need insults and I don't need to attempt to be clever. I have what's right on my side. I'm not a mere animal. I'm made in God's image as is a fetus. It's wrong to kill. You can deny that and you can deny God but you are not right in this.

  • Genesis Berzerker

    Fetuses cant be gay

  • Katey Mason

    Why not? I'm pro-life and would fight FOR any gay person. EVERYTHING has the right to live, the way they are.

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The Hobby Lobby decision is also the only back-door attack on the ACA the right could dream up.

New York A.G.: Never-Ending Sales At Hobby Lobby Stores Broke The Law – it's all about cheating us. Believe me, their complaints about funding employees' birth control is not about religious's about the $$$$

Come to Oregon, we have contraception! Employers denying women birth control based on their religious beliefs? Not in our state! Thanks to the Contraceptive Equity Act, Hobby Lobby will NOT be making women's health care decisions for Oregon women! #NotMyBossBusiness Find out more, and donate today at:

  • She loves me not...

    I'm thinking about Eugene? Only because I think Portland would be too expensive. It's that or somewhere in New England. All I know is I'm definitely not moving to a red state.

  • Moxie Weinstein

    Eugene is nice but also there are areas around Portland that may be more affordable like Beaverton or Hillsboro and they have pretty good mass transit in the metro area.

  • She loves me not...

    Thanks for the tip! I was thinking Eugene because it was on a list of small, vegan friendly cities. I was a little disappointed when I found out it was four hours away from Portland though.

  • NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon

    But if you go to Beaverton and Hillsboro they get more conservative, so be careful. Perfectly lovely people, of course, but not as liberal as Portland.

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7 things you need to know about the SCOTUS Birth Control Cases. [Infographic]