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  • Jen Hill

    Are you still shopping at Hobby Lobby? ... & think about it, once they can refuse Birth Control due to Religious Beliefs they can also push that they don't believe in Vaccinations & Blood Transfusions!!! THINK ABOUT IT!!!

  • NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon

    The Supreme Court will vote on whether for-profit employers can deny birth control coverage to their employees. Graphic by Planned Parenthood Action Fund.

  • Justin Gibson

    Birth control is basic health care for millions of women, & thanks to the Affordable Care Act, it's covered at no cost as part of all health insurance plans. But now, about 40 for-profit employers want to take that coverage away. Should employers get to make decisions about individuals' medical procedures/ treatments based on their personal beliefs. #NotMyBossBusiness #HobbyLobby #BirthControl #HandsOffMyBC

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And true information is getting very hard to find. Be REALLY informed. Be intelligent think, analyse, try to UNDERSTAND everything. Question, think and don't 'eat' fast food 'information' that is almost always engineered prosessed artfully crafted lies these people have specialists in lies. Lies targeted to every audience they are very smart, and you have to outsmart them. The Bible tells us a useful shortcut: you will know them by their fruit.

Prayer was never banned... It just can't be led in any way or required in the school. Religion is a freedom.

So where do we go from Hobby Lobby? Do you really want to know? -

New York A.G.: Never-Ending Sales At Hobby Lobby Stores Broke The Law – it's all about cheating us. Believe me, their complaints about funding employees' birth control is not about religious's about the $$$$

7 things you need to know about the SCOTUS Birth Control Cases. [Infographic]

As Jon Stewart's time on the air nears its end, so does his patience for Fox News. Oh, and Stewart did his homework. Behold: "50 Fox News Lies In 6 Seconds."

It's not just Hobby Lobby. This organic food company is refusing to pay for employees’ birth control! “This is just a quick shout out to let you know that a popular brand that makes some vegan food products isn't worthy of your hard earned cash. Eden foods doesn't want to pay for lifesaving health care for women and so we don’t want to buy their beans.” I will never buy their products again. Ever.

Hobby Lobby wants to deny their employees their basic human right to bodily autonomy - pretending that birth control is murder - but doesn't mind taking advantage of and financially supporting a country which has a state policy of murdering children. Hypocrites.

Thanks to the Supreme Court, here we go down the slippery slope........

birth-control-facts. Freedom of religion doesn't mean you get to enforce your beliefs on your employees!!