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    Teaching the effects of daily scripture study and prayers. And other great FHE lessons!

    Helping Kids to Begin to Notice the Needs of Others from

    Nothing is impossible with God object lesson idea. Good illustration for Sunday School or childrens church

    lesson on lying.. This is AMAZING!

    Bible Object Lesson Using a Sponge

    A great way to have Scripture time with the kids!!! This is hilarious and I can't wait to do it when the boys are older.

    pretzel Bible Object Lessons

    choosing good friends object lesson and more FHE lessons

    FHE object lesson with the kids. Only need a sponge.

    "I have called you by name", Isaiah 43:1 Personalized Name Plaque.

    Psalm 119:9 - Awesome activity to teach kiddos how to keep their heart & mind pure. Simple. Truth.

    Forgiveness Object lesson

    Scientific experiments to use with bible lessons

    Fun LDS Object Lesson. Also on blog is 16 FHE lesson ideas

    object lesson on hiding sin

    Lego object lesson about the importance of the scriptures

    This is a really cute object lesson activity to teach your kids about how God answers prayers.

    Scripture Kickball I am not Mormon, so I would only use the Bible. That said, this seems like a fun idea that would work for youth or kids.

    an unpeeled orange floats, while an peeled orange sinks...Object lesson about "standing in holy places" and having our "armor" on will help keep us from sinking.

    How to Pray by President Uchtdorf FHE lesson

    Object lesson for choosing friends wisely