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    lol omg! Funny Confession Ecard: Pinterest makes me feel like I have genuine interests instead of just an internet addiction and no social life.


    it happens




    When I say 'I'd like to talk', what I really mean is 'I'd like to completely blindside you and unleash weeks of pent up frustration and resentment until you understand my feelings.'

    TODAY: 1. Go to pinterest to look up that one recipe. 2. OMG I have to pin everything! 3. Bake nothing.

    Hahaha exactly!!

    When In Doubt Mumble from 55 Hi's.

    Damn you pinterest! I have shit to do.

    Your ridiculous photos and overly happy statuses aren't fooling anyone!

    it's true

    Haha.. that's a little too true.

    For everyone who doesn't find me hilarious... You must not be paying attention

    Hahahahahahahahahaha this will be true when I find one!




    Exactly! Haha