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Birth control pills should really be made for men. It makes more sense to unload a gun than to shoot a bulletproof vest. DBSN.

this will most likely be my parenting style @Kelsi Lamunion @Heather Myhre

When someone says "STOP" I never know if its In the Name of Love, Hammer Time, or if I am supposed to collaberate and listen. | Friendship Ecard |

I wish fire trucks and ambulances played 'Move Bitch, Get Out The Way' instead of using sirens. That would be so funny!

Haha... "The kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man depends on..." #menstrual cycle #rugged #masculine #features #duct tape #spear lodged in chest #fire #LOL 2013Jan08Tue@17:20:12AlaskaTime (273 characters remaining)

If you really want to get to know me don't stalk me on Facebook....just follow me on Pinterest. TRUE. TRUE. TRUE. (In fact ... I JUST told my husband ... if he really wanted to know all about me ... check out my PINTEREST boards.) Crazy, eh?

"She called you fat." "Oh HELL NO. Here, hold my cake but don't eat it okay? Nevermind I'll take it with me."