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  • Ilene Padilla

    Put a glue top on acrylic paint bottle and you can write with it. Clever craft idea!

  • susan portal

    Elmer's Glue Lid - Use an old glue cap and put it on a acrylic paint bottle to be able to write in color, so smart!

  • Deborah Jennings

    DIY Crafting Trick~ Put a glue top on acrylic paint bottle and you can write with it! A useful tip that prevents a mess and conserves a lot more glue!

  • Twitchy Witchy Studios

    Save those Elmer's Glue caps!!! Put the glue top on acrylic paint bottle and you can write with it!

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White mug, polka dots, and white space letters

soda bottle stamp

Cute and simple idea for names. You could do all three names (First,middle,and last) and it not look overbearing on the wall! Or a cool idea for last name only for the living room

Personalized Cake Carriers- add a cake mix, serving knife. -cute idea for christmas gifts

DIY Chalkboard Menu

Hand Painted Glasses:: Use acrylic paint and the back end of a paint brush for the dots - put in a cold oven - preheat to 350 - let sit for 30 min. Turn off oven and let cool with the glasses still in there. These are so cute!!!

I've been looking into this Sharpie+mug+350 degrees craft and it looks as though many people have been experiencing fading or the colors coming off altogether. Therefore, I would like to share this blogger's page. She explains to the tee how she cooked her mug at 425 for 30 minutes and then left the mug to cool in the oven. The results: a permanent cup at last! Check this out!

Why didn't I think of that???

I've done tons of these No Sew Fleece Blankets but I really love the color contrasting she did here!

printable coloring pages for adults and teens! Don't judge me...

Name Door Decs

place sticker letters on wooden sign, paint, then peel off stickers. much easier than handwriting! This tip is worth millions!! Love it!

cool idea, how to draw a 3d hand, drawing projects for kids

Braided Belt Messenger Bag Tutorial

Stick letters & let the kid paint over them. Then peel the letters off.

another cool idea

After. Clear plastic bins lined inside with coordinating papers and mod podge.

DIY Chalkboard paint recipe - any colour you like. Who knew it was so easy to make