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  • Sherri Duff Idles

    Next time someone asks what my dream house is i'm going to say a glass tree house.

  • Alex Eline

    glass domed tree house in the forest!

  • Isabelle Rolland

    Curious Places: Beach Rock Treehouse (Okinawa/ Japan) High above the ground in Japan's Okinawa forest lies the Beach Rock Tree house. It was built by tree house creator Kobayashi Takashi – originally to communicating with extra-terrestrials. Ladders and platforms providing safe access to the tree house despite its height. For the adrenalin junkies, there's a giant rope swing nearby to take you sailing through the treetops!

  • Cee nz

    Beach Rock Tree House :: Kobayashi Takashi built this breathtaking treehouse in 2005 with the purpose of communicating with outer space. Perched in the treetops of Okinawa this “plexiglass portal to the universe” is a popular attraction at Japan’s rustic Beach Rock Resort.

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The aptly named Secret Garden Treehouse in Seattle was commissioned by a young music industry star who wanted a quiet retreat.

biggest tree house ever - Horace Burgess’s treehouse is located somewhere near Crossville, Tennessee and stands over 97-feet tall thanks to the 80-foot white oak tree it was built around which also happens to be about 12-feet in diameter at its base. It has 11 floors, somewhere in the neighborhood of 8,000 to 10,000 square feet, a miniature basketball court and is held together by roughly 258,000 nails.

Jordan insists on having a man room. If our next house is too small, I think this is PERFECT.... ;)

xx..tracy porter..poetic wanderlust...hypertufa inspiration-Bark house in Wörlitzer Park, Germany

Let's be honest, there can be no place cooler to live, work, play, dream, sing, dance, eat, read than a treehouse. Ever. EVER.

Look at how there does not appear to be any knee braces. This appears to be resting on the two longitudinal 2x6s. The ladder may also provide support.

treehouse within the current carpentry capacities

Either Pooh Bear lived here or it is the pit of despair from the Princess Bride..