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Floscularia ringens feeding by Mr. Charles Krebs: Its rapidly beating cilia (hair-like structures) bring water containing food to the rotifer. The wall of discs is part of the home it makes, a single disc is seen in the process of being made. Technique: Differential interference contrast microscopy (2011 Winner of olympusbioscapes) #olympusbiscapes #Photography #Mr_Charles_Krebs #olympusbioscapes

According to a new study by the Food Packaging Forum, 175 chemicals with known hazardous properties are legally used in the production of food contact packaging in Europe and the U.S.

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Ocean currents push phytoplankton, and pollution, around the globe faster than thought

Princeton University researchers found that ocean currents can carry objects to almost any place on the globe in less than a decade, faster than previously thought. While good for microorganisms such as phytoplankton that are essential to the marine food web, it also means that plastic debris, radioactive particles and virtually any kind of litter can quickly become a problem in areas far from where they originated.| sciencedaily #Science #Ocean_Connectivity #Environment


Don't Fear The Fat: Experts Question Saturated Fat Guidelines

Eating some foods high in saturated fat is not necessarily going to increase your risk of heart disease, a study shows, contrary to the diet...


How Yelp Can Help Disease Detectives Track Food Poisoning

Health officials say online restaurant reviews can turn up unreported foodborne illness outbreaks. In New York City, Yelp reviews led officials to three restaurants with food handling problems.

"LETHAL LIQUID: In 1937, the S.E. Massengill Company of Bristol, Tennessee, began selling bottles of Elixir Sulfanilamide, a liquid version of a popular antibiotic of the day. But more than 100 people died after taking the drug, and investigators from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified the drug’s solvent, diethylene glycol, as the killer." The Elixir Tragedy, 1937 | The Scientist Magazine®

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La Niña is Still Here, and It’s Sticking Around All Winter

The National Weather Service just updated its prediction for the global weather-influencing climate event.